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Growing up, I have always been known to have a natural ability for picking up new activities and excelling at them — most notably, sports. I would work endlessly to perfect that craft or at least get it to a point where I could perform it at the highest levels. I had always been told that my Achilles heel, and reason for why I never made it to the next step of being a true professional athlete in any of my desired fields was due to being spread out so thin and being the poster child for the saying, “Jack of all trades… master of none.”

“It wasn’t until I decided to call Tahoe my home, did I realize that almost everyone living in this town was just like me!”

This notion was frustrating for many years of my early adulthood of trying to crack into the world of professional sports, but whatever the sport was that I was currently focusing on, I was completely devoted to being the best I could possibly be.

It wasn’t until I decided to call Tahoe my home, did I realize that almost everyone living in this town was just like me! I had finally found my herd of “Jack’s” as the true key of living in this seasonally magical place is to have a multitude of activities at your disposal to accommodate the ever changing seasons and unpredictable weather patterns.

For me, it’s not just one activity that grounds me but a combination of many things that keep me thankful for where I live. Here are a few examples of things that I love doing outside of the office:



The playful nature and creative outlet that snowboarding has provided me over the years has been truly the main reason why I now live in Tahoe. Snowboarding has introduced me to so many amazing people…where everyday on the hill is the best day ever, keeping me longing for the next day that will surpass the last.  While its an inherently selfish sport, my favorite part is being able to these amazing days with friends and family from waist deep powder through the trees, or sunny spring park laps.



I was drawn to mountain biking as it seemed to provide a summer version of the adrenaline rush you get when snowboarding. I was attracted to the speed and the same attentiveness necessary to navigate sections on the bike as well as the snow. Like snowboarding, I love biking because its another vehicle to allow you to experience amazing mountains in a fun, creative way. I have grown to love mountain biking now for the workout element and the adventure as I have only scratched the surface of Tahoe trail networks. I now can’t wait for the snow to melt as I look forward to the upcoming season of exploring new terrain.




Golf is like surfing for me as it always just been a passion activity, shared mostly with my brother. My parents used to drop us off at the course and pick us up at dark, allowing the course to teach us the valuable life lessons that come along with trying to master the game. I find my true peace walking 18 holes on a golf alone…as I almost get into a meditative state while finding the balance and rhythm of your swing, walking and taking in the beauty of the landscape. I love the challenge that each shot presents as there are few other truly satisfying feelings than striping a big drive down the middle of a fairway…

Ultimately, now as our family has grown with a 3-year-old boy and a 7-month old girl, my true passion is to be able to pass along my love and for many sports on to my kids. Out of all the epic days that I have had on the snow,dirt and golf course…it sounds cliché but…the happiest days I have had so far have been beginning to share these with them. I can’t wait to see them hopefully develop their own love for the same activities that this endless playground called Tahoe unlocks for them.