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The idea of finding balance between work and personal life is always something of a game. Truckee is the ideal mountain town for the outdoor enthusiast. Snow during the winter months, and near perfect weather during the summer months allows a year round opportunity. While many from the Bay Area and other areas from around the world use Truckee as a vacation, I am lucky enough to be able to call this amazing place home.

“Baseball has been a mainstay for nearly my whole life. For me, baseball is a game of life…”

While this place offers outdoor activities galore, its comes at the price of the work force. With many jobs being with in the service industry, whether it be at the ski resorts in the winter, or golf courses during the summer. For the last 5 years I worked these jobs, and while the ability to enjoy the snow or golf courses is awesome, it comes at a price — literally. It never crosses my mind to worry about the financial aspect, as long as these activities are still bringing me happiness.

Baseball has been a mainstay for nearly my whole life. For me, baseball is a game of life, between the big team wins and the small individual wins, it’s the most perfect, imperfect game.  There are few places that are more relaxing than being on a baseball diamond. Coaching for nearly 10 years now, there has been nothing better than being able to give back to a sport and a community that has been everything to me since being born here.

Whether it’s playing golf, enjoying the lake with the dog, or a spontaneous weekend camping trip, the summer months are generally always filled with activities to keep occupied. When winter rolls around, the snowmobile comes out. With that, it gives the ability to get away from everyone. It also allows me to enjoy the some of the most incredible views that this area has to offer. All in all, there is a small handful of places around the world that offer the ability to enjoy this amazing place that I call home.