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Dear Diary, Today, a huge milestone was achieved as I gathered all the necessary documentation, money order, fingerprints, online course certifications and finally shipped off my application for the California State Exam! Hooray!! Now we wait… and study harder than ever!

When I was approaching the final days of my career at Northstar, I was trying to determine what my new schedule would be when Jeff simply said, “come work from work!” This resonated with me and I started coming in, Monday-Friday 9-5 from that point on. Immersing into the culture proved to accelerate my studying process tenfold, finishing the necessary coursework considerably ahead of my pre determined schedule!IMG_6795

The greatest motivation of all has been being able to sit in the same room with other agents while they interact with their clients, going to meetings and viewing exciting new projects like Mountainside (pictured below.) Seeing, listening and touching the same things I’ve been reading in my textbooks, has me feeling like I’m finally starting to learn “the language” of a salesperson and my motivation to absorb as much information as possible is endless.


IMG_6759Now, I’m looking forward to being able to set an official “test date” and see the light at the end of the tunnel. But until then… ill continue to surround myself with the culture, study as hard as I can, and continue to learn the Product and the Process. I cant wait to hit the ground running and start making some good money that I can put into this guy’s piggybank!