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It has been a memorable year-to-date for Old Greenwood residents. The abundance of snow throughout winter allowed the community and the Tahoe Mountain Club to shine. Heavy snowfall extended the winter ski season and propelled us straight into Summer. Thawing first, the Old Greenwood Golf Course was the first of the championship courses in the area to open for the season. Early snow melt and course conditions boasted well for spring listings

Strong might be the best word to describe the real estate market at Old Greenwood for the 1st half of 2017. The variance in size of the sales YTD demonstrates a dynamic ownership profile within the community. Single family homes in the community are seeing immediate attraction, majority accepting an offer within a week of the list date. The immersion of the Legacy Collection (townhome and cabin residences) created new opportunities for full ownership at Old Greenwood. Here are the sales, and pending sales, year to date.



There is heavy demand for completed homes in Old Greenwood. Much of this demand comes from the fractional ownership program on the property. A large majority of the home and homesite purchases this year formulated from fractional owners looking to upgrade into full ownership. Happy owners and limited product have kept inventory levels low – add in high demand and you have a recipe for a healthy and strong market in Old Greenwood.