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The 165 Mile Club – Week Two

Week Two: Tunnel Creek to Spooner Lake

Tahoe is known for it’s amazing spring weather and we were out there to enjoy it for four beautiful hours during our second week on the Tahoe Rim Trail. This was our second leg in the series to complete the entire 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail loop around Lake Tahoe. To start the run we had to run up the 4 mile Tunnel Creek access road (1,700 ft elevation gain) to get to the TRT trailhead where we left off last week. At this point we were feeling good and happy to start our second section.

We knew this was going to be a tough climbing day, but we didn’t quite realize how much climbing there would be. The first peak that we conquered was Marlette Peak. After passing through a couple dried up lakes, snow, switchbacks and forest, we popped out on top of the world! To the right was a panoramic view of Marlette Lake that looked like it was floating in Lake Tahoe, and on the left was the Carson Valley and Washoe Lake. A sight worth every uphill step.

We ducked back into the trees and ran downhill a bit (where we used our best singing voices to let the bears know where we were), before climbing back up again towards Snow Peak. We were plugging along for what felt like forever when just as we made our way over a massive mound of snow and found the trail again, we saw that we were now (finally) on the other side of Marlette Lake. Again, amazing view of Big Blue, the Tahoe basin, and Marlette far below.

After some traversing for some windy miles and dodging a threatening thunderstorm, we were in for a long, long, long downhill to Spooner Lake and the trailhead at Highway 50 where we parked our car. The whole time we just wanted to see Spooner Lake so we could have an idea of where we were. Down, down, down, down and down. This section was mostly wooded with a lot of switchbacks and spurs that lead to viewpoints that we decided to skip as our legs were starting to feel the distance. Finally, with 1/4 mile to go, there was Spooner Lake down on our right. Good thing as we were running low on fuel.

With 18 miles, 3,800 ft elevation gain, and a day full of amazing and breathtaking Tahoe sights, we completed our second segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail. We will proudly be sending a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe in celebration.

The Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe has been a cornerstone of the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee community since opening it doors in 1998. Serving some 1,500 youth annually, BGCNLT provides a safe, structured and positive environment for young people before and after school, during holidays, and summer vacation. Keep up the awesome work Mindy and crew!!

Next week we will be starting back at Spooner Lake and making our way south to Kingsbury Trailhead. We will be dedicating our run to Whitney Hardy. Whitney is the daughter of Tony and Molly Hardy, and I can’t say enough about what a great family they are. Whitney was in a terrible accident while on her evening jog in Boston. She was struck by a car and is now fighting hard to recover and we want to send her and her family all of our hugs and all the love from everyone in Truckee from high above Lake Tahoe. For more information about Whitney, click here.

Thank you for the support and wish us luck!