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The 165 Mile Club – Week Thirteen

Week 13: HWY 267 to Martis Peak

After four weeks without a Tahoe Rim Trail run in the epic series of the Katie and Katie adventure around Lake Tahoe, we were itching to get back to it.  We were so happy to be back on the trail, carving our way around the north side of the lake!  We missed the winding trail, the gigantic trees towering above us, the sight of that big blue lake when we least expected it, every time still a wondrous beauty.  The thrill of running together was back!

We started out at the top of Highway 267 where we last ended our run with the group of 6 lively girls on a special day in remembrance of Max Krieg.  This week we started on the Fiberboard Freeway for a few hundered yards before taking a left onto the TRT.  Down a short switchback section for about a mile before we hit HWY 267 again and had to cross to start the ascent up to Martis Peak.

At first it was hard to get back into the groove of the tough terrain that the TRT was always throwing at us, but after a few steep switchbacks, we found a good pace and kept climbing.

Not so quick… Katie T. was dealing with a slight ankle issue so we had a short pit-stop to adjust the tape that is the latest theory on how to help the pestering pain.  A small adjustment and we were back on the trail feeling good. As we wound out of the switchbacks we crossed a field full of crispy mules ears- this time of year it’s great to hear them rustle in the wind and to look out beyond at the changing colors of fall.  After being tucked in the trees we popped out again and found ourselves on a full rock (ankle breaker) single track.  This took us to a stunning panoramic view of Lake Tahoe all the way from south shore to Northstar.  This was one of the best views we have had our entire adventure! WOW! We could’ve spent all day, week, or year at this vista point, but we kept on our way.  Shortly up the trail we came to the Martis Peak parking area where our run ended for the week.  What a great section! 

Throughout the run we thought about our dear friend Dr. Brooks Bloomfield as we passed 2 gorgeous coyotes on the Fiberboard, watched enormous Red Tail Hawks soaring through the mules ear meadow, and a passed a sweet black Labrador dog hiking with his human. There was much natural beauty to appreciate and also some unexpected wildlife appearances that Dr. Bloomfield would love. We are sending our love to Brooks and his family along with a donation to the MSA Coalition.  We appreciate all the effort that this organization is putting towards the support, education, research and advocacy of Multiple System Atrophy. And most of all, we appreciate you Brooks. Big hugs from the Tahoe Rim Trail to you.

Next week will be our final section of the Tahoe Rim Trail.  We will be running for the High Fives Foundation.  As we give ourselves a  high five for completing this unforgettable epic adventure we will also be giving to this organization that is helping athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dreams in the winter action sports community.  Thank you High Fives for all that you are doing!