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The 165 Mile Club – Week Ten

Week 10: Ward Canyon to Tahoe City

This is the shortest run we will have in our Tahoe Rim Trail adventure with only 5 miles.  We decided to have an easy week, because Katie T. was working out some bad feelings in her lower legs.  We met bright and early and headed to Tahoe City as we were shuttling ourselves for week ten.  One car at the end in Tahoe City and another to the start of the trail at Ward Creek Boulevard where we left the trail last time.  

Quickly the trail headed up a gentle incline into the thick forest.  Before we even got warmed up we had made it to the well known Page Meadows.  The trail opened up as we ran through the grass showing its golden fall colors.  Back in the distance we saw the mountains we climbed last week. 

From here the trail was perfect.  Soft, relatively flat, and tacky as we wound through trees and even past a few smaller meadows.  Then we started to head downhill and came to a fork, just as the ‘ankle breakers’ got really bad.  We stopped to make sure we were staying on the Tahoe Rim Trail… yes, this was the way.  

We paused to appreciate the beautiful trees and life around us.  

Then, down a few switchbacks to the Truckee River.  What a great end to a short, easy day on the trail…. Too bad it was only 9am and not quite hot enough yet to jump in! 

We will proudly be sending a check to the Tahoe Safe Alliance in celebration of another section of the Tahoe Rim Trail completed! Thank you for all the work you do for those in need in the Tahoe area.  

Next time, we will be running from Tahoe City to Watson Lake.  We will be running for the Truckee Trails Foundation.  With our love of running, real estate, and being outdoors, we support the Truckee Trails vision for trails and an interconnected community and appreciate the work that goes into making this vision a reality for our community.

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